Dr. Laurie Hess is not your average vet. Leaving behind the traditional veterinary scene filled with dogs and cats, she dived headlong into the challenging world of exotic animals. As an expert on all things avian, reptilian, or simply odd, she combines her wealth of knowledge, uncanny ability to diagnose, and unfailingly caring nature to ensure every creature that slithers, crawls, or limps into her clinic gets the best possible care.

Who is Dr. Laurie Hess?

Dr. Laurie Hess is internationally recognized as an expert on bird and exotic pet medical care. The exceptional amount of work she does for an under-served demographic of animals has seen her awarded the coveted ‘Top Vet’ title in Westchester County, NY.

She is the proud owner and founder of the Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics in Bedford Hills, NY. Noteworthy for being the only bird and exotic animal hospital in the area, it exclusively caters to the needs of eccentric creatures and their owners.

Dr. Hess’s mastery in the field of avian and exotic pets is evident, as she is board-certified in avian (bird) practice by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP). Over her illustrious career spanning more than two decades, she has authored many articles, educated many other veterinarians, and even been the Senior Editor of the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery.

A Day in the Life of an Exotic Animal Vet

Dr. Hess’s daily routine as an exotic animal vet is far from ordinary, resembling a kind of real-life ‘Tarzan adventure’. Her office reverberates with the squawks of birds, the hisses of reptiles, and the soft squeals of rodents more than your typical feline purrs or canine growls. You’d be mistaken to think that the unpredictability makes the job any less rewarding.

Each case is unique. Whether it’s an anorexic umbrella cockatoo, a despondent Chinchilla, a pregnant potbellied pig, or a ferret requiring surgery, Dr. Hess is always ready to answer the call with empathy, skill, and even humor.

Unlikely Companions – Lessons from Exotic Animals

In her noteworthy book, “Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of an Exotic Animal Doctor”, Dr. Hess documents the rewarding challenges and unexpected twists of working with unique creatures. Her journey offers an intriguing exploration into the interconnectedness between humans, animals, and their environment.

The book details a typical week in the life of Dr. Hess, depicting the Sherlock Holmes-like detective work that frequently goes into diagnosing the ‘unknown ailments’ killing her most vulnerable cases. Besides exciting medical mysteries and emergency room drama, the book offers priceless insights about maintaining our most essential relationships. These tales of companionship, humor, and dedication are as much about understanding animals as they are about understanding ourselves.

Dr. Laurie Hess’s Contributions

Notwithstanding her dedicated efforts in treating exotic animals, Dr. Hess also devotes time to spread awareness about exotic pet health. Using her expertise, she has offered practical advice on caring for exotic pets such as guinea pigs in her educational segment on “THE PET SHOW WITH DR. KATY NELSON”.

Dr. Hess’s plentiful contributions to avian and exotic pet medicine have won her several accolades. She was awarded by the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV), and named a top vet in Westchester County, NY. Her clinic is also recognized as the only American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)-accredited bird/exotic pet specialty hospital in NY and one of just five worldwide.

In addition

Dr. Hess is a regular speaker on avian and exotic pets, a mentor for ABVP veterinary residents studying exotics, and an exotic pet consultant to the Antech Diagnostic Laboratory. She is extensively involved with numerous exotic pet-related bodies and associations, further solidifying her standing in the field.

Whether it’s through written text or direct veterinary care, it’s clear that Dr. Laurie Hess is a beacon in the world of exotic animal healthcare—a true advocate for our world’s most unique critters.

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